Ultra short throw projector LG CineBeam Projector UK version.

This ultra short throw projector is one of only a handful available from Amazon. I bought mine about 2 years ago and even though I paid more than today’s price it’s worth every penny.

The LG CineBeam really is ultra short throw. Mine is place about 5 – 10 cms from the wall and it throws off a very sharp image.

The images below are with a Roku plugged in to the Cinebeam’s USB in.

ultra short throw projector uk
ultra short throw projector
It’s not great in direct sunlight. #coronavirus

It’s not too great in direct sunlight (shown above). The image is washed out. That said the room has a large 10ft window which is letting in a lot of light.

curb your enthusiasm. ultra short throw projector
Can’t beat a bit of Curb

The current price for the Cinebeam is £879. We’re tracking the price and will tweet once it drops below £850 so make sure you follow us to get the cheapest price

Typical of an ultra short throw projector the sound isn’t amazing but you’d want to hook it up to something else substantial instead. No one buys a short throw projector for the sound!

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